• Surprising, attractive and blessed with a unique personality, the CITROËN DS 5 fits perfectly with a new phase in the development of the DS line, out to conquer new territories.
  • Innovative and visionary, the CITROËN DS 5 makes no bones about its singularity and prestige. It is an object of pleasure, a strongly emotive vehicle that stirs the imagination, transforming each trip into a unique journey.


An aerodynamic sculpture with natural appeal
The CITROËN DS 5 is based on the futuristic and magical C-SportLounge concept car. The objective was to take the game to a new level, but this time in the shape of a mass-produced car.
The CITROËN DS 5 surprises. By its style, by its singular proportions and by its instantly recognisable silhouette. The one-in-a-million body looks like a shooting break possessed by the spirit of a Gran Turismo.
A unique and self-assured creation, the DS 5 is an aerodynamic sculpture made of now flowing now taut lines, promising the onlooker an amazing drive.
The assertive front end instantly identifies the DS 5 as a member of the DS family with an oversized air intake, a large, chrome-finished grille housing the chevrons and topped by the DS line emblem, and an incisive gaze underscored by the LED light signature.
The sculptural, eye-catching flanks play with light and shadow. Light is reflected in a tapered chrome-finished sabre stretching from the top of the headlamp to the windscreen, while shadow is cradled in the curves of the rear wing – a distinctive characteristic of DS line vehicles. 
The rear end takes the DS 5’s on-road presence up another notch. The car stands firmly on wide tracks, emphasised by two tail pipes built in to the rear bumper and highlighted by a rear signature featuring six light guides.
Powerfully bewitching with its sharp gaze, amazingly attractive with its refined detailing, and definitively extraordinary with its daring silhouette, the CITROËN DS 5 appeals, naturally.

Charismatic cabin

The CITROËN DS 5 is equally charismatic inside, with a remarkable cabin fully consistent with the exterior styling. The driver-focused driving station merges coupé seating with Gran Turismo design, expressed in a vertical steering wheel with a broad wheel centre, a raised floor and a wide central console housing a gearstick positioned in the natural continuation of the driver’s forearm.
Most importantly, the DS 5 benefits from CITROËN’s finest expertise in quality and refinement. Each detail is consummately worked and made of authentic materials such as finest-grain Club leather and metal together with exclusive designs like the watchband seat upholstery, a signature touch of the DS line and unique on the market. 
The CITROËN DS 5 is a remarkable and remarkably sophisticated object that brings its owners an intense driving experience every day.


The DS 5 is a standout vehicle designed to go beyond the traditional compromises between driving pleasure and ride comfort. And the result is an overwhelming success.

All-new architecture

Motorists increasingly want cars that are easy to use day to day but with no sacrifice on driving sensations. Reconciling fun at the wheel with comfort, aesthetics with practicality and performance with economy is an art unto itself.
The intelligent design of the DS 5 opens up new horizons with its pioneering architecture:

  • a sleek, compact body (4.52 m long, 1.85 m wide) and driving position worthy of a Gran Turismo coupé
  • a roomy boot (up to 465 litres VDA) reminiscent of a Sportwagon
  • five real seats, four doors and all the access and modularity of a hatchback

The DS 5 is a decidedly unique car.

Technology at the service of well-being

The CITROËN DS 5 uses the finest in cutting-edge technology to ensure the well-being of passengers, providing pleasure and relaxed driving together with safety and peace of mind. For stable and efficient roadholding, it is equipped with a CITROËN innovation, intelligent traction control, coupled with ESP. And to stay connected in all circumstances, it also features the CITROËN eTouch service, a safety system available in the majority of launch countries including localised emergency and assistance calls.
The DS 5 is also fitted with two new functions. A miniature camera built in to the interior rearview mirror is used to automatically activate and deactivate the high-beam function according to lighting conditions and surrounding traffic. It also boasts a new-generation, more predictive video lane departure warning system (LDWS).

The first CITROËN with Hybrid4 technology

The DS 5 is the first CITROËN to be powered by Hybrid4 technology, a full-hybrid drivetrain combining the road performance of an HDi diesel engine with the efficiency of an electric motor. The result is dynamic driving sensations – 200 bhp, four drive wheels, electric city driving, acceleration boost function – and low CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km.


The CITROËN DS 5 stirs the imagination with its design and stylistic inspirations.

A childhood dream

The CITROËN DS 5 instantly surprises, inspires and attracts the onlooker. The imaginative feel is strong on board with an aeronautics-inspired atmosphere, particularly evident in the cockpit roof, organised into three wells of light creating an original and personalised lighting ambience day and night.
The main controls are grouped on the vehicle’s central axis with two central consoles, one low and one on the ceiling. The controls come in the shape of push buttons, scroll wheels and toggles, manipulated “pilot-style” and fuel for the imagination.

Driving in the limelight

Driving is a quasi-theatrical, stage-like experience. LED lighting gradually lights up the cabin and a simple push on the START button brings the interior to life. The transparent Head-Up Display screen activates, projecting essential driving information (on speed, cruise control/speed limiter recommendations, navigation aid) in colour into the driver’s line of sight. The digital displays and the dial needle spring into action. And the ambient lighting plunges the driver’s station into a universe of reds and whites. The journey has begun.


For its debut motor show in Shanghai, the DS 5 appeared in a one-off livery, expressing all of the brand’s expertise.

The CITROËN DS 5 White Pearl is a true artistic creation, an automotive sculpture cloaked in a silver robe with pearlescent reflections. The elegance of the body styling is underlined by an understated ballet of grey chrome detailing and dark lacquer touches. The sabre of the DS 5 Pearl was crafted like a hand-guilloched jewel. As the sabre tapers the DS motif fades, enhancing the splendour of the chrome as it approaches the tip of the headlamp. The DS 5 White Pearl also sports specially designed, DS-stamped 20-inch wheels, with polished surfaces and lacquered recesses for an intangible sense of depth.
The cabin of the CITROËN DS 5 White Pearl was designed in a “lounge” spirit with warm tones. Premium materials and top-level upholstery work contribute to an atmosphere of refinement and well-being.
The cabin is lined entirely in ebony-coloured full-grain leather, contrasting subtly with silver-flecked overstitching. The brand called on techniques from the hand-crafted leather trade, from the pleated silk on the door panels to the embossed DS motif in the links of the “watchband” seats. Interior detailing was painstakingly worked using high-end materials, such as the decorative inserts in Markassa ebony and the metallic reflections of the fascia, created by applying several layers of lacquer.

The result is a bold creation, made to amaze and attract.
The CITROËN DS 5 is an innovative response to people who openly embrace the pleasure of driving an outstanding vehicle. It combines driving pleasure and shared well-being and marries everyday ease-in-use with an intense motoring experience. A pure and sculptural beauty, it pushes back the limits of design, comfort, refinement and technology. The CITROËN DS 5 offers a definitively new take on the premium automobile.

April 2011
MODEL   DS 5 THP 155 DS 5 THP 200 DS 5 e-HDi 110 DS 5 HDi 160 DS 5 HDi 160 DS 5 Hybrid4
        Stop&Start     Diesel + Electric + Stop&Start
GEARBOX   6-sp auto 6-sp manual EGS6 EGS6 6-sp auto EGS6
Capacity cm3 1598 1598 1560 1997 1997 1997 + Electric
Max. power kW/bhp EEC 115 / 156 147 / 200 82 / 112 120 / 163 120 / 163 147 / 200  (120/163 + 27/37)
Rims inches 16 to 19 18 & 19 16 & 17 16 to 19 16 to 19 16 to 19
Front suspension   MacPherson type MacPherson type MacPherson type MacPherson type MacPherson type MacPherson type
Rear suspension   Flexible transverse beam Flexible transverse beam Flexible transverse beam Flexible transverse beam Flexible transverse beam Multilink
Length mm 4530   4530   4530   4530   4530   4530  
Width mm 1850   1850   1850   1850   1850   1850  
Height mm 1508   1508   1508   1508   1508   1508  
Wheelbase mm 2727   2727   2727   2727   2727   2727