• DS Automobiles and Michelin-starred chef Pascal Aussignac are joining forces at Taste of London to create an innovative menu featuring insect ingredients - a first at the food festival
  • Assisting Pascal with the preparation of the dishes are four of the best up-and-coming protégé chefs, selected personally by Pascal and DS for their innovative cooking skills

DS 7 CROSSBACK - the all-new SUV by DS – is exclusively displayed in the UK at Taste of London

DS Automobiles is participating at Taste of London with an innovative insect-inspired menu concept, which is a first at the food festival. Joining forces with the brand’s UK ambassador Pascal Aussignac, the Michelin-starred chef at restaurant Club Gascon, the DS Experience stand at the festival is presenting four surprising menu tasters that feature fascinating flavours optimised with insect elements as ingredients.


Four avant-garde protégés, specially selected by the chef, are preparing the dishes for public sampling throughout the festival. In addition, DS is displaying its all-new DS 7 CROSSBACK – the SUV from DS at the festival which is open between Wednesday 14th and Sunday 18th June.


Marking the brand’s second year at the UK’s leading culinary event, the insect-incorporating menu for Taste of London represents both the brand’s and Pascal’s forward-thinking mind-set, changing perceptions of traditional cooking and challenging customer involvement to overcome their inquisitive curiosity, sure that delights are hidden within.


Especially due to being high in protein, low in calories, and a sustainable food source, insects represent one of the likely and fascinating ways ahead in the culinary world. At the festival, audiences have the chance to try four different amuse-bouche dishes which include the surprisingly tasty insect ingredients: Crunchy Grapes, Crispy Risotto, Crackling Lemon Posset, and Crusty Corn.

DS UK Brand Ambassador, Michelin-starred chef Pascal Aussignac 

DS brand ambassador Pascal Aussignac was an obvious match for the marque, as both parties embody French excellence in their respective fields. When describing his partnership with DS, Pascal commented: “I’m particularly delighted to be working alongside DS Automobiles not least because as a kid I remember my dad having a number of these revolutionary DS cars, so for me to be asked to be the brand’s gastronomic UK Ambassador is a privilege and it brings a certain je ne sais quoi in my soul”.


Born in the Toulouse region of South West France, Pascal’s creations celebrate the food of his homeland of Gascony. An innovative take on traditional dishes, a penchant for versatility and attention to detail is what makes Aussignac’s cuisine stand out, and it is a perfect match for the DS brand.


Pascal was recently awarded the ‘Restaurant Chef of the Year’ title at the Craft Guild of Chefs Awards, and he is constantly exploring new ways of bringing style and identity to his culinary creations at the Michelin-starred Club Gascon in East London. The insect inspired menu created for Taste of London aims to bring the audience an innovative and surprising food option, that complements the DS brand’s ground-breaking spirit.


Protégé chefs of the avant-garde

Ruth Hansom, David Hussey, April Lily Partridge, and Andrea Vailati are the four up and coming chefs selected by Pascal as part of the programme launched at the beginning of the year by DS, the purpose of which was to find emerging talent who could benefit from Pascal’s forward-thinking culinary expertise and know-how to shape and influence their ongoing development.


Ruth Hansom is the first female Young National Chef of the Year winner as well as Demi Chef de Partie at The Ritz, London. Ruth’s career began at 15 when she won a cooking competition and decided to move from Darlington to London to pursue her dream. When creating the insect menu Ruth commented: “We’re trying to break barriers and bring the audiences at Taste of London something completely new, and I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised”.

An interview with Ruth is viewable here: ProtégeChef Ruth Hansom.


Chef David Hussey competed in a 90-minute cook-off to win the prestigious Sodexo Chef of the Year Award this past January. David was selected by Pascal for his ability to create eclectic combinations of ingredients, in perfect tune with the DS brand’s mix of innovation and tradition. While working with Pascal, David commented: “The attention to detail is the prominent trait for both DS and Pascal. At Taste of London, we wanted to show the public that insects are an inspired addition to modern cooking”.

An interview with David is viewable here: Protégé Chef David Hussey.

Protégé chef April Lily Partridge, the youngest of the four protégés, is currently a chef at Luca Restaurant and The Little Bread Pedlar. April started cooking at 16, working at The Ivy on weekends, where she fell in love with all the possibilities the kitchen had to offer. Her background studying art gives her a unique approach to cooking. When getting ready for Taste of London with Pascal, April said: “So much love, knowledge and craft has to go into preparing these dishes, and who could have thought ants were absolutely delicious?”

An interview with April is viewable here: Protégé Chef April Lily Partridge.


Andrea Vailati is currently a Chef de Partie at The Clove Club in Shoreditch. Inspired by the passionate people he met working in a restaurant at the age of 17 he chose cooking as his career. His experience in Italy and Australia has given Andrea an interest in international cuisine. On his training with Pascal, Andrea commented: “I learnt new things that I had never seen before. We are really going to challenge ourselves and the audience at Taste of London”. An interview with Andrea is viewable here Protégé Chef Andrea Vailati.


DS 7 CROSSBACK and the art of high cuisine

DS Automobiles is a brand born in Paris that embodies the spirit of avant-garde through its range of distinctive vehicles. The contemporary designs bring together traditional French craftsmanship and know-how with the latest technological advancements. Attendees of Taste of London are able to see the very latest DS model and the first SUV in the range - DS 7 CROSSBACK – is a vehicle aimed at customers who appreciate good taste.


Mark Blundell, UK Marketing Director at DS Automobiles, commented: “We are delighted to be using the Taste of London festival as a fitting backdrop to showcase DS 7 CROSSBACK – the new SUV by DS. We have worked with Pascal to develop a menu that reflects the DS brand’s creative and innovative spirit, pushing forward the boundaries of discovery and expression. With the help of Pascal and his four chosen protégés, we will bring our perception of potential future influences in gastronomy to this year’s Taste of London”.


Having Pascal Aussignac as its UK brand ambassador reinforces the DS brand’s positioning in the high-end cuisine sector, a very typically French specialism that engages directly with the luxury consumer. Interested in the finer things in life, such as craftsmanship, know-how and a means of expressing their personality, DS is aligning itself with a discerning clientele.


Attendees of Taste of London are able to sample Pascal’s insect dishes and meet the four protégés at the DS Automobiles – ‘DS Experience stand’ where the all-new DS 7 CROSSBACK is displayed. Visitors also have the opportunity to vote for their preferred dish and be a potential prize winner of a bespoke DS culinary experience.


Images of the four protégés and the insect dishes can be downloaded at this link: The four DS Protégés.


About DS Automobiles

A French brand born in Paris, DS was officially founded on 1 June 2014. Its ambition is to revive the tradition of premium vehicles in the French automotive industry. Inspired by the very best of French know-how, DS perpetuates the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955.

Designed for customers looking for a means to express themselves as individuals, the DS Collection comprises DS 3, DS 3 CABRIO, DS 4, DS 4 CROSSBACK, DS 5 and soon the all-new DS 7 CROSSBACK. The models in the DS range stand apart through their avant-garde design, refinement and attention to detail, advanced technology and dynamic serenity. Presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, DS 7 CROSSBACK, the SUV by DS featuring Parisian-style innovation and savoir-faire, ushers in the second generation of DS models. With the DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première limited edition model, forward thinkers can reserve their car online or at a DS Store or DS Salon, and be the first to get behind the wheel. Committed to high-performance hybrid and electric cars, the Brand will launch the DS 7 CROSSBACK equipped with E-Tense, the hybrid powertrain by DS, in 2019.

Available from DS Stores, DS Salons and a selection of other dedicated zones within the Dealership network, DS also has flagship stores – DS WORLD PARIS and a DS URBAN STORE in the UK, located in the Westfield London shopping centre in White City.

DS also supports year-round artistic and cultural activities on the themes of fashion, design, art and gastronomy, respecting and inspired by the values of the DS line. In the UK DS Automobiles is a sponsor of Sky Arts and with gastronomy has Pascal Aussignac as its UK DS brand Ambassador linked to participation and sponsorship at Taste of London (14-18 June) and Events-in-the-Sky (held in Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Bristol & Southampton).

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